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HyProbo EC50 Powdered Probiotics For Animal Gut Health

Price : Negotiable Packaging Details : 25kg/bag, paper plastic bag
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: HyProbo
Certification: ISO9001, ISO22000 Model Number: EC50

Detail Information

Form: Powder Color: Light-colored
Composition: Probiotics And Carrier
High Light:

HyProbo EC50 Probiotics For Animal


Powdered Probiotics For Animal Gut Health

Product Description

Probiotics for animal gut health, powder, Hyprobo EC50


The animal’s gut is a complex microbiological ecosystem playing key roles in shaping the host metabolism and maintaining the health of the host. It has been well understood that intestinal microflora is involved in nutrients metabolisms, such as carbohydrate metabolism, lipid metabolism, protein metabolism, and vitamin production. It also regulates immune response and protects the host from pathogenic bacteria. With the rapid development of molecular biology and bioinformatics, the results of animal intestinal metagenomic studies have shown that there are great differences in the dominant flora of animal’s small intestine and large intestine. The dominant flora of the small intestine is lactic acid bacteria, and the dominant flora of the large intestine is the symbiotic Clostridium. Hyprobo EC50, compound microbial preparations, has been successfully developed to nourish and protect the animal intestine tract according to the characteristics (composition, diversity, and function of the microbiota) of the dominant intestinal flora of livestock and poultry.


Probiotics: Enterococcus faecium≥5 billion CFU/g; Clostridium butyricum ≥ 100 million CFU/g.

Carrier: maltodextrin

【Mode of action】

- Stable lactic acid bacteria produce high lactic acid, which can improve the environment of the animal's digestive tract, enhance the activity of digestive enzymes, and increase the digestibility of the animal's diet; it can stimulate the intestinal mucosal immunity, increase the level of antibodies and anti-stress, and enhance the disease resistance of farmed animals.

Clostridium butyricum produces high butyric acid after colonization in the large intestine, thus promotes the growth of intestinal villi, repairs the tight junctions of the intestine, increases the absorption function and intestinal defense ability of animals, promotes the reabsorption of hindgut water, and reduces the amount of feces and the smell of ammonia, improving the breeding environment.

- By scientifically adding lactic acid bacteria (dominant bacteria in the small intestine) and Clostridium butyricum (dominant bacteria in the large intestine) can adjust the microecological balance of the intestinal tract of farmed animals, enhance the barriers’ function of the animal intestines, and improve intestinal health, thereby improving the health of animals and production performance, and finally realize healthy breeding and green food production.


  • Promote the intestinal microecological balance;
  • Inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, improve animal’s disease resistance and anti-stress ability, and reduce the use of drugs;
  • Improve animal production performance, increase feed utilization, and improve the quality of animal products;
  • Improve the quality of manure, reduce the amount of feces excretion, improve the breeding environment.

【Animal trials】

1. Effect of Hyprobo EC50 on the intestinal morphology of laying hens

Table 1 Effect of Hyprobo EC50 on the intestinal morphology 

  μm Control EC 50 P
Ileum Length of villus 488.51±92.18b 563.5±126.75a <0.0001
depth of crypt 187.1±37.92a 172.5±34.92b 0.0008
width of villus 317.38±115.76 308.31±91.64 0.113
villus/crypt 2.77±0.78b 3.33±0.96a 0.0043
Cecum Length of villus 1178.39±187.56b 1235.35±290.53a <0.0001
depth of crypt 197.16±38.93a 174.84±30.46b 0.0149
width of villus 322.65±80.66 327.56±82.12 0.1167
villus/crypt 6.2±1.6b 7.2±1.75a <0.0001
  • Hyprobo EC50 significantly increased the length of villus in ileum/cecum, and reduced the depth of crypt in ileum/cecum.
  • Hyprobo EC50 increased the ratio of villus to crypt, and improved the intestinal morphology.

Table 2. Effect of Hyprobo EC50 on the relative expression level of mRNA related to tight junction-associated protein in laying hens

Group (Dosage g/T) Occludin ZO-1
Treatment 1(0) 1.01±0.06 1.07±0.16
Treatment 2(25) 1.24±0.11 1.25±0.03
Treatment 3(50) 1.61±0.15 1.52±0.1
Treatment 4(100) 1.64±0.13 1.56±0.08
  • Hyprobo EC50 decreased permeability of intestinal tract and strengthened barrier function of the intestine by improving the gene expression of occludin and ZO-1, which were the tight junction-associated protein, and their expression was upregulated with the increased dosage.

2. Effect of Hyprobo EC50 on egg quality and reproduction of layer

Table 3. Effect of Hyprobo EC50 on egg quality and reproduction of layer

Item Control EC50 (200g) group EC50 (300g) group
Laying rate(%) 82.41±4.27 86.53±2.61 88.72±4.56
Average egg weight (g) 60.52±0.83 60.45±0.64 60.50±0.81
FCR 2.24±0.13 2.23±0.06 2.20±0.08
Eggshell thickness (μm) 337.5±0.4 338.4±0.6 339.5±0.3
Haugh unit 81.52±4.12 83.62±3.85 86.30±4.31
Eggshell Hardness (kg/cm3) 3.38±0.11 3.77±0.09 3.78±0.13


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